Spring is right around the corner and for many homeowners that means spring cleaning and making a laundry list of things that need fixing around the house. For others, it signals a time to organize all the clutter that has accumulated over the winter and get serious about finding extra storage space in each room. For almost 20 years Cherkas Home Improvement has been helping homeowners, like you, create custom storage and organization solutions in every room of the house. Let’s go room-by-room and look at some simple storage ideas to help you get inspired this spring cleaning season.

  • Garage – If your garage is like that of many homeowners, it becomes a dumping ground of all sorts of storage items, equipment, and tools. Get organized by: storing bikes vertically on industrial hooks, create a pegboard system for workshop tools or even have a custom rack built that can organize and hold all of your rakes, shovels, brooms, and other gardening equipment.
  • Entryways – Many entryways get cluttered quickly with piles of shoes, boots, sports equipment, jackets, and school backpacks. Carve out an area in your existing space to have a custom mudroom. Have our carpenters build a system of cubbies or lockers that can hold all of your “stuff” that tends to get dropped right at the front door. Every family member can have an area to store shoes, hang jackets, and even a netting area for corralling all those soccer balls and sports equipment.
  • Laundry Room/Bathroom – Think of your dream laundry room. Does it have space for storing hampers, a folding table, a drying rack and other amenities? Make doing the laundry less of a chore by reconfiguring your laundry area.
  • Kitchen – There never seems to be enough storage in a kitchen no matter how many cabinets there are. Consider some unique storage solutions such as: a hanging pot area, a custom dish drying cabinet that is located directly above the sink, slide out drawers for tupperware, or carving a specialized pantry out of existing kitchen space.
  • Bedrooms – A bedroom should be a sanctuary space that is conducive of relaxing, watching tv and, most of all, sleeping. Keep things orderly with storage solutions such as closet organizers, built-in shelving for books and a television, and keeping all those electrical cords organized using docking stations.

Do you have a laundry list of ways you would like to get organized this spring? Call Cherkas Home Improvement and we can help you create an order with custom storage solutions. Call us at 617-599-7728 or request service online at Cherkas Home Improvement.