The professionals at Cherkas Home Improvement can take care of all your Water Damage Repair needs. Whether it’s a broken pipe, leaky roof or a faulty appliance we will restore your home quickly.

All it takes is a few inches of water to create a serious water damage threat to your home. A flooded basement can be caused by oversaturated ground around your home, an overflowing river or stream, a broken sump pump, storm sewer backup, a burst pipe, faulty appliance or plumbing fixture and even seepage through the foundation floor or walls.

If flood water inside your home is not addressed promptly, your walls, as well as your carpet, flooring, ceiling and personal property can quickly become damaged, creating an unsafe environment ripe for breeding bacteria, rot and mold growth.

Our team of professionals will:

  • Investigate source of water: plumbing, roof leak, HVAC, frozen pipe, ice dam, condensation
  • Investigate, test and remediate mold
  • Repair walls, ceilings, flooring & wood trim

If you need water damage restoration professionals, contact us now and get your home back in working order as quickly as possible.

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